The Storm


This is one of those pieces that took me days to put it together and figure out how I really wanted it to look.  The place is White Hill Mansion in New Jersey where I took a workshop with Brooke Shaden.  I really liked the room so I shot it without anyone in it.  I had to merge three photos together to get all three windows.  The model is me sans wig and my Dad’s hat.  I shoot a lot of different poses, wigs, characters at the same time because once I have the background set up I just keep going.  I took comfort in an interview I recently read with Patty Maher, a photographer I follow on Flickr and greatly admire, who stated her gear consists of “an awful lot of wigs”.    I just had a lot of fun with this image.  I used photoshop brushes for the lightening, clouds, rain and fog.   Textures from Brooke Shaden, Dirk Wuestenhagen (I use his Vanilla Sky so much it isn’t funny) and Shadowhouse Creations.   The bird, a Jackdaw, is from  FrankandCary on Deviantart.  A fantastic source for stock images of birds.   I processed this in Photoshop CC, Topaz Clarity, Nik Color Efex.  My Fuji X-Pro 1 was used to shoot both the mansion and myself.  Love, love, love that camera!

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