I was looking through some of backgrounds I created poring Citra-Solv on old National Geographic pages.  I like experimenting by combining my images with different mediums to see what I can produce.  The image above combines one of the backgrounds that reminded me of a field with a photograph of a house I took at the Scotland School for Veteran’s Children in Pennsylvania this past summer.  The birds are from a photoshop brush that I had downloaded through Distressedtextures.  I spent several days on this trying to get it just right.  Textures are by Dirk Wuestenhagen and Distressedtextures.  I also ran it through Topaz Clarit;y to give it a smoother finish.

The image below is a combination of another Citra-Solv background and I found it reminded me of water.  I took a photograph that I had shot of myself awhile back with my Fuji  X-Pro1. The image itself has a lot of motion to it but I also added more motion through the photoshop motion blur filter.  I wanted that swirling watery feel to it. I did not add any textures to this one but did run it through Topaz Clarity to soften it.

I just set up a new portfolio site for my work which you can access either through my link on the side bar of this blog or by clicking here.


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