Getting My Queen of Darkness On


Lost in a Good Book


The last few posts were of my B&W street photography which I love to do but my other love are dark, surreal composites.  Because I have shown a lot of this type of work, someone dubbed me the Queen of Darkness.  I found that really funny because I don’t take the darkness seriously. I just like the way it looks.  So this week I am presenting two pieces I have been working on.  The image above is called “Lost in a Good Book”.  I wanted to portray a character literally getting lost within the book.  My Fuji X-Pro 1 was used to photograph myself in my living room and of the antique Mother Goose book I own.  I used background textures by Distressedtextures and the cloud texture is by Brooke Shaden.  Birds are a brush by Distressedtextures.  I worked with this image in Photoshop CC and Nik Color Efex.

The image below was taken at an abandoned institute at night and shot with my Pentax K5.  The lock is part of a collection of locks my Dad had and I photographed it with my Fuji X-Pro1.  The eye is mine and that was photographed with my IPhone 5s.  A mixture of cameras!  Texture used is by Shadowhouse Creations.  It is a little more horror then I usually do but I thought it was too much fun not to do.

If anyone is interested, I just purchased this fantastic tutorial by Susan Tuttle on The Art of iPhone Photography – Self Portraiture (I am already on Lesson 5).  She has put it on sale for 50% off for a week.  It comes with a bonus which are textures by Susan, Distressedtextures and 2 Lil Owls.  Here is the link to it Susan Tuttle Fine Art Grunge .  She tells you what apps she uses, how she uses them, working with textures on the iPhone (which can easily carry over to the computer).  I love using my iPhone for photography because I cannot always carry around a camera.  I also like the fact that I can create beautiful work without having my computer with me.


Lock & Key Series 1-3



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