NYC Fog 3

It was extremely foggy in New York City this past Friday so I decided to go out and capture that great mood fog creates.  All images were taken in Tudor City which is a fabulous neighborhood on the East side between 41st and 43rd streets and Second and First Avenue.  It sits a top of a cliff that 42nd street cuts through to access the UN Building.  All images were taken with my Fuji x100s processed in Capture One and Photoshop with Nik Color Efex and Silver Efex Pro.  I don’t do too much in Nik or Photoshop because the Fuji cameras create awesome images.

This is a shot I often take looking down 42nd Street from the bridge in Tudor City.  It is one of my favorite views of the city.

NYC Fog 2

I came across this bicycle in one of there recesses that overlooks First Avenue and the East River.  It is so foggy you can’t see the river.  I loved how the wheels of the bicycle mimicked the ironwork on the fence.  I processed this one using Nik Analog Efex. Sometimes a girl just has to NYC Fog Bicycle 1

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