Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station Fuji x1002


I was rummaging around my library of images and came across these two images I had taken in Grand Central  Station a few months ago.  I love the way the light and shadow plays inside this building and I’m always snapping away when I see it.  I also love capturing the people moving to and fro in this building.  I always wonder how many photographs I’ve been caught in running to and from the train.  Both of these images were taken with the Fuji x100s which just captures black and white like a film camera.  It really brings back the joy I had when I first started photographing way back when!

Grand Central has such wonderful architectural details.  I have always loved the ornate lamps and grills over the ticket booths.  And look at that chandelier over the train departure boards.  Just gorgeous.

Grand Central Station 3Fuji x100s Holmesburg & NYC Street11242

19 thoughts on “Grand Central Station

  1. The best thing about the first shot other than that wonderful backlight on your subjects, is that it is not cliché like so many other GCT images we have all seen time and time again.
    Nice job.

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