Cityscapes Before the Snow Came

NYC Street 2014 Bernardaud


Before I get into my tales of woe with snow, I just want to remind anyone visiting my blog that all my work is copyrighted, all rights are reserved and cannot be used without my permission and that would be written permission.  I do allow people to Pinterest my photos as long as credit is given to me (I love Pinterest and I am always thrilled when someone has pinned one of my images) and people who have Facebook pages have asked to post my work with credit given to me.  My work is available to license  and prints can be purchased via Fine Art America (link is on a tabs or sidebar on the blog). A kind person notified me that someone on Facebook (none of my Facebook friends) had posted one of my images without giving me credit, claimed it as his own and did not even have the correct state it was taken in.  I had to notify Facebook of the copyright infringement.  You are NEVER allowed to take someone’s work, remove a copyright, or if one is not on an image claim it as yours.  Just because someone does not have a copyright notice on their image DOES NOT mean it is up for grabs or in the public domain.  Okay, I’m off the soap box and back to photography!

Two images I had taken in the city back when the weather was warm and there wasn’t a snowstorm in sight.  I am officially fed up with snow.  Another storm tonight and another one coming on Wednesday.  I have 5 foot tall snow piles from having the driveway plowed and I feel like I am driving in a luge every time I enter my driveway.  With that said, I needed to post pictures without snow.  The image above is just one of those Park Avenue images I love to take. It was taken with my wonder Fuji x100s.  The image below was taken during the summer last year with my Pentax and it is at the State Island Ferry Terminal.  I love the gigantic letter “S”.


Staten Island Ferry

8 thoughts on “Cityscapes Before the Snow Came

    • Thank you! My street photography has been regulated to my IPhone during the cold weather. I walk everyday during my lunch but once the temperatures starts creeping back up into the 30’s I’ll bring the Fuji’s out again.

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