A Little iPhoneography

Iphone Rockefeller 2014

When the temperature is in the single digits and teens I generally don’t carry the cameras with me.  It is not that I don’t trust they will function, it is more if I fall on the stupid ice and break them!  So I depend on my iPhone for those spur of the moment shots when I am out walking.  Do not  underestimate the quality you can get with phone cameras or  a point and shoot.  It really comes down to capturing a moment and then be willing to play in post processing.

The image above was taken at Rockefeller Preserve, Pocantico Hills, New York.  This one particular path we are looking down is my favorite.  It meanders through two farm pastures and has this beautiful little stream that runs across it.  The trees are just awesome here.  I added one texture by Dirk Wuestenhagen to add some interest.

The image below was taken the other weekend when we had a quick snow storm come in.  This is Wampus Brook in Armonk, NY and I walk by it whenever I go for walk around town.  I used the same texture by Dirk Wuestenhagen and ran it through Nik Silver Efex Pro to make it black and white.

Wampus Brook 2014 Snow

I don’t just use the iPhone for taking pictures of landscapes.  I shot this sitting at my desk.  It is of my hand and I wanted to composite it within a shot I took of looking down into the East River.  When I combined the two images I thought it was boring so I added some textures from Distressed Textures and came up with something I found a little more interesting.

Hand in Canvas sm

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