Scranton Lace in B&W

Scranton Lace Doors 2014


I was going through some of my images from Scranton Lace in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  It is probably my favorite building I have photographed  with the Abandoned America Group.   It is a massive 600,000 square foot building full of great architectural details and objects from when it was the top lace producer in the world.   I decided to work with these images in black & white versus color.  They were all taken with my wonderful Fuji X-Pro 1 and what I love about the Fuji camera is the ability to see through the viewfinder in black & white.  It is really easy for me to compose when I am looking at a black & white image.  I can really see the light and shadows which I am always working with when I photograph an abandoned building.  The image above is looking from one vast factory room to another.  I loved the doors and the play of light that was going on in the room beyond.

The image below is a shot of the pattern room.  These are patterns that were used to make lace tablecloths.  They remind me of giant punch cards.  Again, I like the shadows and light in this room.

Scranton Template


The room below was a room I found off a very dark hallway.  I absolutely love photographing in this building because just when you think you have seen the entire building you stumble across a gem like this.




Scranton Lace Carts 2014

I’ve been told that these wonderful racks are no longer standing.  Scranton Lace is in the middle of being refurbished so I am glad I was able to capture this. You can see just how long this room is.

If you are interested on going on any of the workshops from Abandoned America, just click here for events that are starting up again in March.

Scranton Lace Racks 2014






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