Two Ladies

Beneath the Ice

Well, I was home again from work because of the snow storm so out comes the camera.  I have been wanting to do an image based on “Ophelia” by John Everett Millais so I knew I would have to shoot an image of myself lying on the floor with camera above on the tripod.  I shot with my Fuji X-Pro1 with the 14mm lens.  I used a ten second timer so I could focus, run like hell, throw myself on the floor and pose fast.   I then created a composite using this image and an image I took at Rockefeller Preserve on New Years Day of  looking down through the ice on Swan Lake. Textures are by Brooke Shaden and the blue iciness was achieved by using the Color Lookup adjustment in Photoshop.  I ran the image through Nik Color Efex 4 and then back to photoshop for some final adjustments.  The image is titled “Beneath the Ice”.

The image below is one I had taken earlier in the year at my house and again I wanted to create a composite with a cloud image this one is by  (on the original post I had thought it was one of my moon shots but I just double checked and it is not one of mine bust Reznor70 at Deviant Art).  It is titled “From the Clouds” and I was really just trying to evoke a very painterly, soft but dramatic image. Almost harking towards an angel symbolism.  I worked with the image in Nik Color Efex Pro as well as Lightroom 5 using Trey Ratcliff’s Presets.

From the Clouds sm

12 thoughts on “Two Ladies

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  2. I usually detest retouched photos, but in both images there is an eerie beauty that makes both images simply stunning. Well done.

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