Textures for Mood

Roosevelt Island Abandoned Hospitalsm

Distressedtextures had a great Black Friday sale, 50% off all her textures.  I really love working with textures because it is a great way to turn a mundane shot into something with more mood and emotion.  The image above was taken with my IPhone 5s on one of many lunch time walks.  I photographed it from the foot bridge over the FDR Drive in Beekman Place.  I never noticed the abandoned Small Pox Hospital on Roosevelt Island from this vantage point.  I wanted to create a moody, cold, dark image with the birds (photoshop bird brush that came with one of the texture packs).  All textures by Distressedtextures.

The image below was actually taken during the minor snow storm we had on Tuesday and I photographed the trees from the entrance road from the White Plains train station parking lot to the Bronx River Parkway.  I get bored with pictures of landscapes with snow falling so I used a lot of filters in Color Efex Pro along with the Distressedtextures because I really wanted to convey a vague, whispy feel to the image. Almost as if you are seeing ghost trees.  Again, me being the Queen of Darkness, it’s dark and moody.  Below that is the original image so you can see how far I came from the original.  This was photographed with my wonderful Fuji X100s.

Snow Bronx River Tree sm

Snow Bronx River Tree13615 sm

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