Pershing Square at Night

Persching Square 3 sm

The sun is setting way to early here in New York.  I decided to take a quick walk around the block at about 5:00 pm to stretch my back out.  I have not shot with my Fuji x100s at night so I thought it would be fun to try to take a few shots while I walked around.  The images were shot right out of the front doors of Grand Central on 42nd Street.  Pershing Square is right smack in front of you and this great little restaurant was lit up so nicely.  I shot with the Fuji in square format and in black and white mode.  These images are from the Raw files and I converted them to black and white in either Photoshop or Capture One.  I stayed as true to the jpeg composition and contrast.  I could have used the jpegs right from camera, but I do like to play with the pixels!  I used pro contrast in Nik Color Efex Pro and added a high pass filter in photoshop.  Outside of that nothing else was done to the images.   All the images are hand held and all at ISO 1600 except for the one immediately below which I shot at ISO 1000.  I did not use any noise reduction software on them.  They did not need it.  I was really blown away with how sharp and clear the images were for hand holding in the dark.  That little camera just amazes me every time I use it.


Pershing Square 1sm


I loved the building reflection in the restaurant’s windows and that gorgeous steel arch of the Park Avenue Bridge  that goes right over it.

Pershing Square 1 BW sm


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