Children’s Clothing Factory Composites



Last Saturday I went with a group of photographers through Abandoned America to an abandoned Children’s Clothing Factory in Pennsylvania.  It had some really creepy areas to photograph.  My main camera for shooting at this location was my Fuji X-Pro 1 with the Fujinon 14mm lens. My Pentax K5was my hand held and backup camera. The image above was taken looking from the furnace room into the administrative office area.  I just loved the chalk board and sign.  I added a shot I took of myself in my living room and then duplicated it and added it to the background.  The hair and everything just reminded me of a Banshee, hence the title I have given it. I processed the image in Capture One and then Photomatix 5 combining three exposure of the background.  Photoshop CC was next followed by Nik Color Efex 4, then lightroom for a Trey Ratcliff preset called “Amazing Raisins”.  I played around with the setting to get to the look I wanted (super creepy) and then back into Photoshop CC to work on lighting.

The image below is completely different.  I also photographed this at the Children’s Clothing Factory.  It was a sheet of heavy duty plastic that was hanging from the ceiling and you could see the vine covered windows through it.  I loved the detail and light in it so I brought model me into it again, this time photographed in my bathroom (got to love that skylight light in there).  I beat the heck out of the pixels again by running it through Capture One, Photomatix 5 to combine exposure, Photoshop CC, Nik Color Efex Pro 4, Lightroom Preset Aurora by Trey Ratcliff, monkeyed around with the settings in there and then back into Photoshop CC for some contrast and lighting work.  I just thought it looked cool.

I’m doing less traveling now that the weather is turning colder so I’ll be working on all the images I have taken these past three months.  I will have more from the Children’s Clothing Factory.



13 thoughts on “Children’s Clothing Factory Composites

  1. I like the repetition in the first image. It adds “wonder”, asking oneself if there’s a mirror somewhere. Also the almost amorphousness of it. Could have even been more. (but that’s me..)
    The second image is just stunning! It looks very natural, not processed. That circle on your back, it looks like a low cut back, and the revealed plastic looks like bare skin…or am I completely wrong? Anyway, it’s a lovely image, mysterious , aerial, with the perfect pinch of creepiness.

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