Caught Between Two Worlds


This is another shot taken at the Brooke Shaden workshop I took a couple of weeks ago.  The model is Marsha Denill.  Camera is my Fuji X-Pro1with the 14mm lens.  Love that camera! Textures are by Dirk Wuestenhagen and Filter Forge.  This was photographed in the attic of White Hill Mansion in Fieldsboro, New Jersey.  The screen door was off to the side and I really wanted to incorporate it into the image.  The door behind Marsha was in the position in the image leaning against the wall.  I had the thought of having her sandwiched between to the two as if she was caught between two worlds.  Earlier in the day the group was talking about Dr. Who and it must of stuck in the back of my head because when I was processing the image  I realized it reminded me of Dr. Who traveling in his blue British Police Box.

I am exhibiting with a group of photographers from  Red Circle PhotoArts  at the Rye Arts Center in Rye, New York from November 2 through November 27.  Below is the announcement with dates and times the exhibit is opened.  There will be an opening reception on Friday, November 8th from 6pm to 8pm.  You are all invited and I would love to see you.







4 thoughts on “Caught Between Two Worlds

  1. Judging from the strong visual impact of your last photos, I am certain that the workshop with Brooke Shaden has been a success and quite fruitful.
    I wish you great success and all the best in the exhibition.

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