Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a workshop by Brooke Shaden.  Brooke is a fine art photographer and is one of my favorite photographers.  The workshop was held in Fieldsboro, New Jersey at White Hill Mansion.  White Hill Mansion was built in 1722 by Robert Field and is currently owned by the town of Fieldsboro.  In 2012 it was placed on the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places.  It is a really great spooky and mysterious place to hold photography workshop.  Brooke provided us with four models and three floors of rooms to photograph in.  I loved every minute of the workshop and cannot thank Brooke enough for the opportunity to learn about her process of taking photographs.  She is a very kind, warm and giving artist and I learned a tremendous amount from her.  I plan on taking another workshop with her the next time she is in the Tri-State area.

The photograph above is of model Brittney Lauren and is taken in one of the second floor bathrooms.  I shot exclusively with my Fuji X-Pro1 which never let me down.  I processed the image in Capture One, ran it through Photoshop CC, Lightroom preset called Absolutely Fabulous and Happy Baby by Trey Ratcliff.  I blended the two together.  I then ran it through Color Efex 4 using the Midnight filter to give it a moonlight feel to it.

The image below is of model Kelly Mortensen McGrady and it a technique Brooke personally showed me called levitation.  You balance the model on the chair, have someone flip the dress (in the case, Brooke did the flipping for me) and then you take a picture of the room with the chair and model removed so that you can later remove it Photoshop.  I liked the way she is just about to hit the floor and the fact she is looking at the viewer (something I normally don’t do but loved it in this image).  I then ran this through the same process as above except I used two filters, one by Shadowhouse Creations and one by Flypaper.  The preset is again Happy Baby by  Trey Ratcliff in LR5.  With this one I wanted a dreamlike equality to it.




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