Fuji X100S and the Streets of New York City

NYC Layfette Street sm


I was out and about with my new street camera the Fuji x100s and I love it!  I had my setting to shoot in a square format and in monochrome.  All the shots are from a Jpeg and not raw.  I did process for in  Capature One 7 to tweak exposure, contrast, and a little punch and then played with the contrast a little more in Nik ColorEfex Pro 4 Pro Contrast.  I love this camera for street photography because it is relatively small and very unassuming.  I look like a tourist with it so no one pays attention to you when your shooting with it.  The images are crisp and clear and I expect nothing less from Fuji.

The image above was taken near Aster Place/Cooper Union.

This image is actually the new Cooper Union School Building (as compared to the old school building).  I did not shoot this one in square format (I had not discovered that option at the time I shot this) but cropped it in tight to a square.

NYC Cooper Union sm


This image was taken in the passageway through the Helmsley building that connects 45th and 46th Street on Park Avenue.  It’s right across the street from  the building I work in.

NYC Helmsley Tunnel sm


This image was taken over on West 8th Street in the West Village.  I was walking to the Lomography store when I looked up and saw this.  And if you don’t know what the Lomography store is they make these wonderful retro, funky, plastic film cameras, that have light leaks, and scratches and produce some incredible images.  They are also known as, “Toy” cameras and I bought a Holga Pin Hole, Holga 120N and a Superheadz 35mm.  I getting into shooting film with these wonderful and unpredictable cameras.  Will post the images once I get time to load the film shoot and process.

NYC impasse sm




14 thoughts on “Fuji X100S and the Streets of New York City

    • Thank you Edith! You will not regret buying a Fuji! Steve who commented above actually got to see and handle both my X-Pro1 and x100s and he wants both. They are so much fun and you will see and shoot diferently with them.

    • Hi Dennis, I do like the square format. I actually set it in camera so I can compose with it. I finding I’m really thinking about what is important in the scene that is before me and realizing I don’t need a lot of what I thought I did in the image. It really places the focus on what you consider really important in the image. I think it is hard with the cathedral’s you photograph because of the soaring heights but it would also be really interesting to see a series in square format. I’ll be watching your blog for it!

      • Thanks, Karen. I know that Surchamp shot in square format at times and he had no problems. But it does make one think of the spatial volumes in a different way. Appreciate your thoughts on this.

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