Lansdowne Theater

Lansdown Sign Letters sm

I took a trip out to Lansdowne, Pennsylvania the other weekend with the Abandoned America group.  We photographed the beautiful Spanish Revival styled Lansdowne Theater built in 1927 by theater architect William Harold Lee.  The theater operated up until the 1980’s when a small electrical fire closed it permanently.  It was added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1986 but has remained abandoned up until 2005 when a private non-profit group bought the theater to restore it.  They are presently raising funds to complete the renovation.  I love photographing abandoned places but rejoice when I hear they will be saved.

The image above is the old letters that use to be on the front of theater.  I thought they were really cool looking.

The image below is of the main theater and stage.  The detail of the ceiling and the color is amazing.  The seats have been reupholstered but the front middle section is missing because they are in the being repaired.

Lansdown Stage Right Front final sm

I love the ceiling medallion in the image below.  This is looking from the lobby to the front theater doors.  You can stills see the movie posters in the glass displays.

Lansdown Theater Front Doors Final sm

The projector room with the original projectors.  They are huge!

Lansdowne Projectors sm

Film canisters that were left next to the projection room.

Lansdowne Film Canisters Use sm

This is a detail of the side of a one of the theater seats that is waiting in a storage room to be repaired.

Close up of Theater Chair sm

The marquee letters used to announce what movies were playing at the theater. I found them just laying in a box in the theaters storage room.

Lansdowne lettersFuji Lansdowne sm

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