Scotland Part II B&W

Scotland School Door 2sm

All of the photos on this post were shot with my Fuji Xpro 1 using the monochrome film selection. This allows me to see what I’m photographing in B&W.  It’s really cool!  Believe or not all these are from a jpeg file and not the raw.  I do shoot both in raw and jpeg (the raw is in color even though the setting is on B&W but I again see only my surroundings in B&W when I look through the viewfinder.) The jpeg B&W on the Fuji just brings me back to my film days and I love the results.  I do process all my stuff now in Capture 1 since it is the only raw converter that can process the files from  the Fuji cameras the way Fuji intended them to be.  The result for me is this wonderful black and white.  I do process in Photoshop but not a lot since the camera really can obtain the look I’m after.  Amazing what can be done today.  No textures were used on any of the images.

The image above and below are of the staircases in the very large school building at Scotland School for Veteran’s Children in Scotland, PA.  What caught my eye was this wonderful light that spills through the windows and down the staircases.


Scotland School Doors 1sm

The image below is also in the school building and was taken on the stage in the auditorium.  The auditorium is in beautiful condition and my eye caught this lone chair and  wonderful black stage curtains.

Scotland School Theater 1sm


This is part of the ceiling in the Administration Building and I loved the graphic elements and the play between light and shadow.  When I shoot with the Fuji camera it’s a whole different experience and  I tend to look at my surroundings in a much more graphic way.

Scotland School  Admin Building 1sm



This is in the costume room above the auditorium and again I loved the light flowing in from the window hitting this array of costumes hanging nearby. I love how the sheen of the wall comes out when the light hits it.  That old projector is pretty cool too!

Scotland School Costume Room 1sm


13 thoughts on “Scotland Part II B&W

    • Well, they closed the school down because of State budget cuts and they left this stuff behind. A seminary has puchased it and they are in the middle of renovating the buildings. The school building where a the window shots and auditorium are located are partially renovated and classes from U Penn and various other colleges are using most of the 1st floor for classrooms (freshly painted). The school building is in the best shape of all the buildings.

    • Thank you Marcelo! Not straight out of the camera but darn close. I process everything in Capture 1 but I did very little correction there. I then move over to CS6. From there I will work the contrast using curves or I’ll put in Nik Color Efex to use the Pro contrast. I always like the contrast result from it. They are jpegs so you really can’t do too much with them but I’m a heavy post processor and on these I really did not have to anything but adjust the contrast. Fuji’s X-Pro 1, XE-1 and x100s cameras have a fantastic sensor that produces incredible B&W jpegs (the raws are in color).

      • Tanks Karen.
        Nevertheless, the final result is spectacular.
        I am testing a trial version of Capture One Pro 7, and so far I’m very satisfied with the results, but I always use PSCS6 to add the finishing touch to my pictures.

  1. You have a great eye. I have the jpeg in my XP set to BW too. I’m very pleased with the results, and of course I always have the RAW if I want to do more.

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