Scotland School for Veteran’s Children

Don't Go in The Pool sm

As promised, I am posting some of my first images taken at the Scotland School for Veteran’s Children in Scotland, Pennsylvania.  The school was established in 1895 for children of Civil War Veteran’s and was recently closed in 2009.  It was recently purchased by a Seminary and they are doing a wonderful job of renovating the buildings.  Matthew Christopher of Abandon America was able to hold a workshop there before they completely renovate the entire school.  The school grounds are massive and there are roughly 10 buildings on the campus.  It is not an old abandoned school but it has some wonderful architecture.

The image above is one of the pool that was emptied in 2009.  It has a great abandoned look to it and I loved the architecture of the ceiling.  I processed this in Capture ONe, Nik Color Efex Pro, Photoshop and Lightroom 5.  Textures are by Brooke Shaden and Dirk Wuestenhagen. Photographed with my Pentax K5.

Below is the shooting range which is located in the basement of the Theater/Auditorium in the School Building.  It seemed strange to have a shooting range in a school, particularly in this day and age, but it is a school of military personnel so it made sense at some point long ago.  I photographed this with my  Fuji X-Pro 1 with a 35mm F1.4 prime.  I actually shoot in Raw & Jpeg because while shooting I set the Fuji X-Pro 1 to B&W which makes it easier for me to compose a shot and the way the sensors work in this camera really just gives me an awesome B&W film look when processing.

Scotland Shooting Range WIPsm

The image below is the basement of the Administration Building and I used the Pentax on this one.  I loved the light coming in from the doors.  It was really eerie down there.  I do shoot with the two camera’s when I photograph abandon buildings. One I keep on the tripod (Pentax) and the Fuji I hand hold and sometimes mount on the tripod. The image below was bracketed 1 stop up and one stop down for three shots.  I used Nik HDR Pro 2 and then worked some magic in Photoshop and Lightroom.  I use Capture One for all my raw processing because it is the only raw processor that can handle the Fuji sensor and really bring out the detail and sharpness.  I found that it also worked better for my Pentax shots too.  Lightroom’s algorithms just can’t pull the detail from the Fuji cameras but once I have a working tiff file I go back into Lightroom to use my presets.

Scotland Basement 1 ptx-Edit

I loved the windows and doors at the school and how the light streamed in.  I will be showing more of this in my next blog post.  This is shot with the Fuji X-Pro 1. And textures are by Brooke Shaden and Dirk Wuestenhagen.

Scotland School Window 3_HDR sm

This is a shot of the recreation Center and I’ll have some images from inside there in my next blog.  It had this really cool old look to it and I desaturated it in processing for an old look.  I love the way the old windows have that old wavy glass effect.  Processed the same as the above.  No textures used. Fuji X-Pro 1.  If your looking for a lighter camera with incredible detail I have to say go with the Fuji cameras.  The X-pro1 and XE and x100s are all mirrorless cameras with this incredible Fuji sensor.  I just received the Fuji X100s which is a fixed mount 23mm lens and is small but built like a tank.  It has a great range finder feel to it and I’m using it for my Street Photography in the city. I just got it on Friday so I’ll be taking it out this week for its debut on the street.  Will post the pics in a future blog.

Scranton School Recreation Center sm

15 thoughts on “Scotland School for Veteran’s Children

  1. Congratulations on this great series. I’m impressed with the quality of the B&W picture (shooting range).
    I’m still looking for a “compact” camera with similar resolution and noise (lack of) as my D700.
    I can’t afford to buy a Leica 😦

  2. Hi there..nice photographs especially the pool, a place I spent countless hours in during my stay of 1962 through 1969. I want to make one tiny correction though in your post. SSVC was not a school of military personnel, it was a boarding school for children of military vets, children that were disadvantaged and needed a proper upbringing. I am one of thousands that share a very special bond with this place, it was our home. I’ll be honest, it hurts to see it in this condition and for it be viewed as a decrepit example of ‘abandoned America’. Very sad indeed.

  3. It’s amazing how old and abandoned a place can look after 4 years. I always thought the basement of the admin building was a little eerie and I think that picture captured it well.

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