Something New

Final Sketch of Piano in Fieldsm


I decided to step away from the photographs I shot at Bethlehem Steel and show two composite images I have been working on.  I like to explore new avenues in creating an image and I really do enjoy using locations I have shot and inserting a model into it to create a mood and story.  The image above was photographed in Rockefeller Preserve this past 4th of July, the model is me (which is really funny because I have really, really, short brownish blonde hair). and was photographed in my living room sitting at my piano. The piano is mine, a beautiful cabaret size 1921 Francis Beacon in the Chinoiserie style.  My dad had purchased the piano when I was about 11 or 12 and then sold it a few years later (he was into buying and selling antiques).  He sold it to a friend of ours and about five years ago I decided I really wanted that piano back.  The cool part is she sold it to  the parents of my one of oldest and dearest friends, Debra, who I’ve known since I was 4 years old.  As luck would have it, they were selling it, and thanks to several friends it was moved into my home.  I have an old pair of ballet pointe shoes which I use to wear (one of several hundred because they don’t last long) when I studied ballet a very long time ago.  The butterfly was photographed by me and the jackdaw and birds in the sky  are photographed by Frank of Frank1956 on Deviantart.  A fantastic source for stock images of birds.  Textures are by Dirk Wuestenhagen and Distressedtextures.  Processed in Lightroom5, Photoshop CS6 and then imported again into Lightroom 5 using a preset by Trey Ratcliff  called “Aurora”.

The image below was taken in an abandoned psych hospital in Long Island, New York.  The model is me (now I’m a blonde) and again photographed in my living room.  The doll I am holding is a soft sculpture clown designed by me many years ago and recently dug out of the closest!   The dress I am wearing is one of the costumes from New York City Opera and was purchased at “Screaming Mimi’s” on Lafayette Street in New York City.  A fabulous vintage store.  The New York City Opera recently put up for auction some of their old costumes and Screaming Mimi’s purchased a few and put them up for sale.  This one is labeled New York City Opera, Character:  Closet.  I’m assuming this must mean it hung in a closet on stage.  The image was processed in LR5 and and photoshop using the “Vanilla Cloud” texture by Dirk Wuestenhagen. I then ran it quick through Nik Color Efex Pro for contrast and softening and then ran it back through Lightroom 5 to use Trey Ratcliff’s preset “Amazing Raisins” which gave it that look I was going for.  Fog was added using one of Aaron Nace’s brushes from his tutorial on compositing at Phlearn.  I highly recommend the tutorials there.





Amazing raisins sm

18 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Hello Karen, I agree with Benjamin… “absolutely stunning”. I can only imagine how nice they are as large prints.

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