Bethlehem, PA

Bethlehem Steel Night 1-use

I traveled out to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania yesterday to participate in a photography workshop at the abandoned Bethlehem Steel Mills with Matthew Christopher of Abandoned America.  Check out Matthew’s site for upcoming workshops.  I’m traveling out to Scranton, PA in August for another of his workshops at the Scranton Lace Company.  The image above was a reenactment of the pouring of molten steel.  It was photographed inside the soon to open National Museum of Industrial History which is located inside one of the old Bethlehem Steel Buildings.  One other building that belonged to Bethlehem Steel was left to the museum and is used as a warehouse but the remaining property is now the Sands Casino.

The image below was taken inside the museum’s  warehouse at the Bethlehem Steel company.  I will be posting more pictures from this great workshop in the coming weeks.  It was a really long day and very, very hot but I had a great time.  We shot from 10:00 am until 10:00 p.m. and visited 4 different locations.  I highly recommend Matthew’s workshops and a visit to Bethlehem, PA when the museum opens.

This image was processed in LR5, CS6 and Nike Color Efex Pro.  Textures by Dirk Wuestenhagen.

Wood Only-Edit sm


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