Tell Me A Story

Dover Plains July 1


I had posted one of my pictures from last weeks blog on my 500px account and one of the comments mentioned how looking at the photograph it led him to a story.  He started to tell me the story my picture evoked but then stopped and commented that it was my story.  Well it is not just my story.  It is anybody’s story.  I love the fact that my image could inspire a story from a someone looking at it and I loved even more that he started to tell me his story.  If any of my images bring a story to you, please feel free to tell me your story.  I really would love to hear it.

The image above was photographed in Dover Plains and it is an abandoned silo.  The photograph was processed through the new Topaz Clarity filters and I love the look.  I also added a little  oil paint from Photoshop to give it a little texture.  I added my birds from the White Plains parking lot to give it a storybook feel to it.

The image below is another from Angler Preserve in Somers, New York.  I again used Topaz Clarity along with Filter Forge to give it that gloomy, stormy look it.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe July 4th!



Angler Preserve July 1

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