A Take on Reflections

NYC Reflections 2013 3

I have been photographing reflections for quite a long time and even had them in a gallery exhibit.  This time I decided to work with these reflections using textures and adding more of an abstract feel to them.  All the images were photographed in Manhattan.  The image above I used textures by Dirk Wuestenhagen and Distressedtextures. When I looked at the original image I found it was boring in terms of color but the composition of lines and patterns intrigued me so I added tone and contrast in Topaz Clarity then played with the colors and filters in Photoshop CS6 and finished it in Nik Color Efex 4.  I used color to emphasize the abstract quality to it. Basically you don’t have to live with what you photographed initially.  For me, the initial photograph will have the composition I want but color, contrast, texture, adding different elements to make a montage is where I push the creativity.  I was trained as a purist in photography and then realized I really wanted to create my own reality, my own world through my photographs.  It’s more about emotion, mood, beauty than anything else.  Well, fun too!

The image below I used textures from Distressed textures and Phlearn’s Bokeh textures.  The original image was pretty close to this but flat so I put it through the Topaz Clarity and Nik Color Efex 4 filters.  Added the textures to give it a different quality.

NYC Reflections 2013

This image is pretty close to what was in camera, I did put it through Topaz Clarity and Nik Color Efex 4 for tonal quality and contrast.  Texture by Distressedtextures. I was attracted to the shadows and window patterns when I photographed this.

NYC Reflections 2013 2

3 thoughts on “A Take on Reflections

    • Thank you David! That first one is my favorite too. The raw version had the composition but it was a really bright sunny day so the building windows were so cyan it drove me crazy. I then stepped back and realized it was the pattern and lines so I started working with the textures to get the colors and mood. I always tell people to not walk away from a photo they took and feel they can’t do anything with it. If you are wiling to step out of the boundaries and experiment you are always pleasantly surprised.

      • I’ve been doing the same thing, mining old folders full of photos in search of images to experiment with. Not much different than wandering around with a camera to begin with!

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