Something New

Fae at Venderbilt Series of 3


I decided to use a model stock image in a lansdcape and interior shot I had taken.  I have never worked with a model in my composites but I found a great source on Deviantart from a wonderful photographer and model Jessica Truscott AKA Faestock.  You can see her fantastic work here.

The top image is an interior shot at Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park, NY.  I really liked the gothic feel to it.  Textures used above are by Shadowhouse Creations.  Processed in Lightroom 4, Photoshop CS6 and NIK Color Efex 4.

The image below was shot at Pleasure Beach in Stratford, CT.  This is an abandoned pier off of an abandoned restaurant.  The birds were added by me.  I actually photographed them in the parking lot of the White Plains train station!  The model again is Jessica Truscott aka Faestock.  This is from and Exclusive stock that she sells here

Textures for the image below are by Dirk Wuestenhagen, Distressedtextures and Brooke Shaden Clouds from her Creativelive class I took online (excellent class).

I hope to be doing more of these composites.  I really enjoy creating them and I hope you enjoy seeing them!


Pleasant Beach Composita

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