Ziggy & The Psych Hospital

Hudson Psychiatric2


Ziggy is a Cockatiel that resides at the nursing home/rehab center my mother was staying out while recovering from a fractured hip last May.  He was such a cute bird and would make enough noise to raise the dead if he didn’t get any attention. Ziggy would hitch rides on your shoulder and it was always cute to look down the hall at someone riding along in their wheelchair with  Ziggy on their shoulder.   I use to walk by his cage, which he was rarely in, and sing out “Ziggy played guitar”. If you grew up with David Bowie during his “Ziggy Stardust and the the Spiders from Mars” phase, you would understand that line.  I gave Ziggy an old master portrait kind of treatment.  He really deserves it and I love giving animals that classic portrait look. The psych hospital is located in upstate New York and this is one of the buildings that I was able to photograph from the street.  I wanted to give it that approaching storm feel to it.  You know me, I love those old abandoned psych hospitals.

Textures on the psych hospital are by Kirsten Frank and one of the three clouds I used is by Brooke Shaden who just conducted a fantastic three day online class at Creativelive.  One of the perks of paying to download her class was the ability to watch it at my leisure and she gave use textures and clouds to download and use in our work.  Brooke is a  fantastic photographer and teacher and I highly recommend any workshop she teaches and classes on Creativelive. Textures on Ziggy are by Dirk Wuestenhagen and my own.


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