Angler Fly 10

I finally got a smart phone which, if you know me, seems odd I didn’t have one.  I’m sort of a computer geek and with photography I have a big Mac Tower, Ipads, Itouch, Ipod, but no IPhone.  My main phone is in my home and I rarely talk on the cellphone or send messages.  However, my plan which is not with the big 4 had this Huawei 8800 smart phone so I decided to upgrade to that.  It’s android based which I thought would present a problem since I’m sooooo Apple.  However, I love it.  It has an 8mp camara, not in the league with Iphone, Samsung, HTC, Nokia or Nexus but I decided to work with what I have.  I looked at it as a challenge to show you don’t need the fancy phone to be  creative and have fun.  The beauty is I can process the photos on my Ipad while taking the train into the city.  To get my photos from the phone to the Ipad I use either Google+ which stores all my photos that I take on the phone or a great App called Photo Transfer.  I can literally have any of my photos on any of my devices and my home computer.  I love it.  I also went photography app crazy.  On my Huawei I generally shoot with one of three apps, CameraMX, Camera360 or ProHDR.  CameraMX is my go to for B&W.  ProHDR is new so I haven’t used it yet and Camera360 is great for color.  Once I shoot an image it is automatically in my photo folder on Google+.  I can just go to my Ipad, click on the photo and download to the Ipad.  From there I process mostly in Snapseed but sometimes In Photoshop Touch.  The skys the limit.  The above shot was taken in Angle Fly Preserve in Somers, NY using CameraMX and processed in Photoshop Touch and Photoforge.  I love Photoforge.  The watermark showing my copyright is created in the editing tools in Google+.

This image below was shot with CameraMX and processed in Snapseed.  It’s the gate looking at the door at the Morgan Library in Manhattan.

Morgan Library Gate


This image was taken of a brownstone around 37th Street.  I used CameraMX and processed it in Snapseed and Photoforge using the oil and watercolor filters.



Brownstone Flowers


This was one of my first images and I shot this straight out of the cellphone (no CameraMX at the time) and I used textures by Distressed FX for the Ipad and Iphone.  Cheryl Tarrant who creates the great textures on Distressedtextures that I use in my large images developed a great app so that I get to use her  textures on my cellphone images.

Park Avenue Spring


Photographed on 42nd Street in the fog using CameraMX, Snapseed and Photoforge.

NYC in the Fog 42nd Street


Photographed in the rain on 45th Street with Camera MX, Snapseed and Photoshop Touch.

45th in the Rain

Photographed on Park Avenue  and processed in Snapseed and Photoshop Touch.

Park Avenue Blue

15 thoughts on “Androidography

  1. You know I started clicking pictures on my iphone and still use it.. so handy and the apps now are awesome..I love Snapseed the best!!
    these are great shots Karen..Have fun with your new Droid!!

  2. Hi Karen: You took some interesting images using the smart phone…thanks so much for sharing the process. I’ve been working with Snapseed but will look into a few of the other aps.
    Do have a lovely week.

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