Two Very Different Houses

Vanderbilt Mansion 1


I went for a ride up to Stormville, New York and Hyde Park, New York last Sunday.   The mansion above is the Vanderbilt Mansion in Hyde Park and was the spring and fall home for Frederick and Louise Vanderbilt.  Frederick was the grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt and son of William Vanderbilt.  The Vanderbilt mansion was designed by Stanford White and construction was completed in 1898.  The mansion sits high above the  Hudson River and was originally surrounded by 600+ acres.   In 1940 the house and  211 acres was donated to the National Parks and it has been open to the public ever since.  I highly recommend a trip up to see this beautiful home and the gorgeous walking trails and gardens that surround it.

On the processing side, I processed both images in Lightroom 4, Nik Colorefex Pro, Photoshop CS5 and two textures, one from Dirk Wuestenhagen and the other from Distressed Jewel.  The image below I also used Filter Forge.

The house below is in Stormville, New York and I just loved it.  It’s an old farmhouse with great bones! Very different from the Vanderbilt home but grand in its own way.

Stormville 1

9 thoughts on “Two Very Different Houses

  1. Hi Karen,
    ABC subject beautifully handled, well done.
    PS how about crescent moon top left? LOL

  2. Old mansions are a photographers dream.. looks lovely.. I agree with Rigmover, both shots are great!

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