How I Do It

Millerton 1

I decided this week to show you how I come up with my “Haunted House” looks.  The image above is the final product.  This was taken up near Millerton, New York.  I took “the Baby” which is my little 350z for a run last weekend and landed up in Millerton, NY.  This poor little car gets to go on a majority of my photo shots and unfortunately gets driven down dirt roads that it really shouldn’t be on.  I have a much older car that is my train, run to stores and winter car and you would think I would take that one but when its beautiful out I got to get “the Baby out”.  I love Millerton, NY because my favorite tea company, Harney & Sons is located there and they have a lovely little tea room and tasting room. They also have a tea room and tasting room in Soho.  On the way up there I passed this abandoned house and grabbed a shot.

The image below is a screen shot of my final image in Photoshop CS5.  I do process the image first in Lightroom4 since I shoot Raw (not to be mistaken for in the raw) and  use Nik Color Efex Pro for tone and contrast.  I then bring it into Photoshop to start the creative process.

The image below is what the image looked like coming from Lightroom4.

Millerton 1 original

I decided that I really wanted to work this in black and white, so I imported it into Nik Silver Efex and came out with the image below.

Millerton 1 signed bw

I then decided to give it a creepy look by adding photos of clouds I had photographed.  If you look at my screen shot below you can see that I use a mask next to the clouds to brush out some of the clouds to lighten the front of the house.  I also added a levels layer which pops my shadows, midtones, and highlights.

Screen Shoot of Millerton

Image below with 3 sets of clouds added. The clouds are ones that I have shot over a period of time.
Millerton 1 clouds

I then pick out my textures to add mood and atmosphere.  In this image I used two of Dirk Wuestenhagen’s textures.

Millerton 1 textures

This image was too dark and I needed more contrast and tones so I popped it into Nik Color Efex Pro and added the tonal filter and pro contrast.  The finished result and ready to post!

Millerton 1

11 thoughts on “How I Do It

  1. have a fantastic image.. thanks so much for sharing your process..I have not yet mastered (or really tried) any post processing skills other than some crop, contrast and such..

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