Behind the House


I’m a little late posting this weekend because I was busy disinfecting my kitchen after I discovered a mouse had paid a visit.  Being the person I am I freaked and many bottles of bleach later and numerous ktichen items disposed of I have a squeaky (no pun intended) clean kitchen again.  I looked at it as spring cleaning two months early.  I have been working on these two photos for several days and could not get them they way I wanted them to look.  Finally last night and this afternoon I hit on it.  These were taken this past week when we had a light layer of snow.  I held up traffic because I couldn’t get my car window down to shoot the scene (window was frozen shut) so I stopped the car, jumped out and shot.  Of course no cars were around when I initially jumped out but within seconds school buses and cars were all lined up waiting.  It is of Wampus Brook again looking off of both sides of the bridge. The two scenes were taken at the same time but I treated the lighting different in both.  Textures are by Flypaper Textures, Dirk Wuestenhagen and Distressedtextures.


15 thoughts on “Behind the House

  1. Amazing! You cannot even tell the pics are in the same location. Great photos! I like the lighting / mood you create!
    It’s really a good thing you don’t live out here among the fields of mice — you would never get of the kitchen. 🙂
    God Bless you, Karen!

  2. EEK, mice scare me.. i would have scrubbed everything too..
    These are really good and I am starting to see we will go to any lengths to get that good picture..

  3. You really captured the wintermood of the area in snow.Most people do not take the time to appreciate it or photograph it or even look at it. It’s just a place that people pass on there way to here and there.

    • You are so right Randy! They are too busy talking on their cell phones to see what is really around them. We, however, have romped around the woods here as kids so we know the beauty within it.

  4. What talent you have to be able to capture Wampus Brook’s true beauty and serenity. Such a beautiful area and not appreciated by many. Thank you for stopping traffic and now sharing these photos! Forwarding your blog address to Andrew, he too will enjoy seeing your work.

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