A New Composite


I stayed home on Friday because a blizzard was heading our way.  We landed up getting 18 inches of snow and I officially hate shoveling snow. Because I was snowbound, I had some time to work on the composite above.  It is actually composed of four photographs I shot.  The sky was taken off the east side drive in Manhattan, the beach is in Virginia, the ship in the distance was sailing off of Battery Park in Manhattan and the woman on the beach was walking down Park Avenue one day in a much shorter cape.   The image came together by accident.  I was working on one thought using the beach and then all of sudden this popped into my head.  A woman looking at a ship at sea.  Possibly waiting for someone  she loves to return safe and sound.  The beauty of photography is it can be any story you choose to make it.  I leave that up to you!

The trees below were taken at Edith Reed Sanctuary in Rye, New York.  I love white birch trees and they use to be abundant in the area at one time.  Some tree disease wiped them out and they are now far and few between.





14 thoughts on “A New Composite

  1. Goodness Karen, looks like being snowbound was a good thing. Gorgeous picture. I so admire photographers such as yourself that can produce pieces like this. Wonderful work!

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